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IMG_6508 - Version 2LANI SEELINGER: A hockey fan since the Carolina Hurricanes’ Stanley Cup run in 2002 and a great lover of Milan Kundera’s writing, Lani Seelinger naturally started taking Czech as soon as they offered it in her sophomore year at Northwestern University. That began her deep love affair with the Czech Republic, where she is now living as a graduate student in Political Science and Central European Studies, soon-to-be tour guide, and translator.

Read Lani’s Posts:

February 23, 2014: Why I Love the Olympics: An International’s Star-Spangled Memories


Hana Farahat

HANA FARAHAT: Although originally from Egypt, Hana Farahat has lived in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany, Venezuela, the USA and Brazil.  This diverse mix of countries cultivated Hana’s passion for psychology, sports and eccentric cuisines (especially sushi, any day, anytime). While currently interning at ESPN for the summer, Hana is going into her senior year at Yale University where she is studying Economics and Psychology. 


Read Hana’s Posts:

July 10, 2014: A couple of reasons to make sure your daughters sit front row at this year’s World Cup games


Bruce Shalett

 BRUCE SHALETT: Fantasy Football Enthusiast, and Managing Director of BS Freeman Capital, LLC

Read Bruce’s Posts:

September 29, 2014: The Reality of Fantasy Football


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