11.7.16: The Greatest

Good morning, Team SQ. We begin today with a fun tribute video to one of the greatest 3-point shooters in NBA history, Ray Allen who announced his retirement this week. One thing is for sure, retirement or not — he’s still got game.



On Sunday, LeBron James (who was joined by teammate JR Smith) introduced Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio. LeBron, who previously endorsed Hillary in an op-ed in Business Insider, encouraged people to vote and spoke on behalf of the candidate two days before the election.

In other LeBron news, the NBA’s top player just joined the list of top 10 highest scorers in league history, after his undefeated Cleveland Cavaliers got a 102-101 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday. Can he get to number 1?

Finally, while the Golden State Warriors got the win over the Oklahoma City Thunder last week after Kevin Durant’s big night, the story between him and Russell Westbrook continues. Here’s to hoping to more great match-ups between two of the leagues best players and former teammates this season.


Lots to discuss coming out of Week 9 in the NFL — starting with the NFC East. After a week off, the New York Giants got a much needed win against the Philadelphia Eagles 28-23 in large part because of birthday boy Odell Beckham Jr.’s (he turned 24!) 2 TDs and Eli Manning’s 4 TDs in total. Also in the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys got another win, this time against the Cleveland Browns 35-10. Keep in mind they’ve got a rookie QB in Dak Prescott, who’s now won 7 of 8 games as the starting QB — yesterday, he had 3 TDs and threw for 247 yards.

Outside of the NFC East, the Detroit Lions got a surprising victory over the Minnesota Vikings 22-16, handing the Vikings their third loss of the season — thanks to Matthew Stafford’s game winning TD pass to Golden Tate in OT, and the Indianapolis Colts got a strong 31-26 win over the Green Bay Packers in a game where Andrew Luck started with 2 interceptions and finished with a TD and 281 yards by the end of the game.

Oh, and also on Sunday, the Oakland Raiders continued to prove that they’re legit with a big win over the Denver Broncos 30-20 bringing their record to 7-2 and putting them atop the AFC West.

This week’s Monday Night Football features the Buffalo Bills vs. the Seattle Seahawks at 8:30pm EST on ESPN.

College Football

Moving on from the pros, let’s dive into to college football where the playoffs are right around the corner. This past weekend, #1 Alabama got another win but in a very low scoring 10-0 game over #13 LSU, while #2 Clemson got a 54-0 victory over Syracuse and #3 Michigan defeated Maryland 59-3.

The major upset coming out of the weekend was #4 Texas A&M’s 35-28 loss to Mississippi State.

No major changes in the Top Ten as the first 6 teams stayed the same with Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington, Louisville and Ohio State holding strong with their rankings.


Making history
The Chicago Cubs’ victory celebration was the 7th largest gathering ever


Making up for lost time
The Cubs win
But, what made Game 7 such a game changer?

“Any Given Wednesday”
Bill Simmons’ underperforming show will air its last episode on HBO this week
The show may not have garnered a large audience, but the network is still standing behind Simmons and working to develop new programming initiatives for 2017

Ask him anything
Charles Oakley
His honesty may have put him on the wrong side of the Knicks, but he’s still at home in Cleveland

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