10.31.16: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y’all! Today we begin with highlights from Game 5 of the World Series, ’cause you know, it’s still October…



Speaking of the the World Series, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians at Wrigley Field to force a Game 6. The Indians are now up 3-2 with a powerful Game 6 on the line.

Don’t miss Game 6 on Tuesday, November 1st in Cleveland. See all the action at 8:08pm EST on FOX.


As always, there was a lot of action in the league over the course of the weekend. In week 8 we saw the New England Patriots get a strong 41-25 win over the Buffalo Bills, the Carolina Panthers get a must needed win over the Arizona Cardinals, the Atlanta Falcons top the Green Bay Packers 33-32, and the Washington Redskins v. Cincinnati Bengals game end in a 27-27 OT tie.

In Sunday night’s game, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in OT with a 29-23 win with the help of QB Dak Prescott’s 5 yard pass to Jason Witten for the TD.

Monday Night Football features the Minnesota Vikings versus the Chicago Bears on ESPN at 8:30pm.

College Football

There were a few notable games in college football land this past weekend — #2 Michigan beat in-state rival  Michigan State 32-23, #3 Clemson had a narrow 37-34 win over #12 Florida State, #4 Washington got a close 31-24 win over #17 Utah and #5 Louisville defeated UVA 32-25.

This means that in the last AP poll that comes out before the first of the CFP rankings, Alabama remains number 1 followed by Michigan, Clemson, Washington and Louisville.


In the NBA, Russell Westbrook continues to show his magic for the Oklahoma City Thunder this season — starting with a 51 point triple double last week — the most since Kareem. And then on Sunday… he had another triple double. Okay, Russ!



From rink to ring
How the Washington Capitals’ rink became the 2016 Washington International Horse Show ring


Snoop Dogg the coach
The Snoop Youth Football League
Since its inception in 2005, the SYFL has grown to over 50 teams of young inner-city children, and is now looking to grow past the California state borders into other states

Know your rights
Colin Kaepernick has developed a camp for underprivileged communities
The goal is to teach individuals about resources available to help them advance and tackle the issues they are facing on a day-to-day basis

One and done
In this year’s NBA draft, 14 out of the first 41 players selected had just finished freshman year
In order to get the best players, college coaches have to recruit athletes that plan on leaving after a year — and these students know they’re just biding their time. Is the system flawed?

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