Edition 9.22.14

Top of the morning! Let’s kick off this week’s edition with the latest tribute to Derek Jeter. No really, this Gatorade ad is pretty awesome.




It was another long week as the NFL struggled to make sense of domestic violence and its impact within their organization. On Friday afternoon, Commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference in which he discussed the league’s recent shortcomings in the Ray Rice situation and a new commitment to improving policies going forward. In the meantime, Goodell and the NFL announced the hiring of a few key women to take on new leadership positions within the league in the hopes that they can become a leader in society. It remains unseen just exactly how the NFL will improve their standards and what will become of the internal investigation.

Shortly after declaring that he would play in this weekend’s game, the Minnesota Vikings quickly reversed course and announced that Adrian Peterson would be placed on Commissioner’s Exempt List. This means that he can no longer play for the Vikings, but can still collect his salary. The Carolina Panthers also placed Greg Hardy on the Commissioner’s Exempt List this past week.

Looking at on-the-field action, there were quite a few exciting games over the weekend. In a Super Bowl rematch, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 26-20 in overtime in one of the better games on Sunday. Additionally, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Washington Redskins 37-34 in all things NFC East, while the New York Giants got their first win of the season against the Houston Texans 30-17.

Looking ahead to Monday Night Football, check out the Chicago Bears against the New York Jets tonight!

College Football

Star quarterback Jameis Winston of Florida State was suspended for Saturday’s game against Clemson for a violation of off-the-field behavior policy. #1 Florida State was still able to defeat #22 Clemson 23-17 in overtime, and Coach Fisher announced that Winston will be reinstated as the starting quarterback.

In other college football news, #2 Oregon beat unranked Washington 38-31 with the help of 5 touchdowns from quarterback Marcus Mariota while #8 LSU was upset by Mississippi State in a surprising game 34-29.

Finally, Arizona overcame a large deficit to shock California Berkeley 49-45 in a game that ended in a Hail Mary and left a lot of Cal fans in shock.


It’s almost October and some teams are getting closer to the post-season. The Washington Nationals, LA Angels and Baltimore Orioles clinched their divisions in the past week.

The MLB and the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) are in the process of updating their policy for domestic violence issues within their league. Although the current collective bargaining agreement does not end until 2016, both the MLB and the MLBPA are committed to establishing a new policy quickly and are meeting to negotiate this now.

Masahiro Tanaka returned to the New York Yankees lineup on Sunday night (the first time since early July) and received his first win as the New York Yankees defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 5-2.


Manchester City and Chelsea finished their Sunday match in a 1-1- draw.

Chinese tennis legend Li Na has decided to retire from the game of tennis in order to get back into better health after multiple knee injuries throughout her career. The game will miss her.


#TBT to when Tom Brady needed a resume
If Tom Brady didn’t become a football star, what would he have done after college?

Some more TBTs
Photos of professional athletes from their awkward years



Important Details
More information on the Ray Rice scandal quiet
There were a lot of different people involved, but they were all invested in keeping this issue a secret — why?

Harder. Faster. Stronger
Nobody’s doing it better than Katie Ledecky
At age 17 she already has an Olympic medal and continues to shatter world records like it’s NBD

Circle of Life
The ‘kiss cam’ era is over, but it’s been replaced by something much better
Instead of capturing couples kissing on camera, the Atlanta Braves have started a new trend called the Simba Cam

Data + analytics
The NHL experiences a revolution
They need a stat that matters (kind of like WAR in baseball) to help them measure overall performance

Cultural crisis
A sobering history of domestic violence in the NFL
If you take the violence out of football, what do you have left?



Brave Hearts Turning Heads
Turning your dedication to athletics into something more
If you want to join Lesley Paterson’s Braveheart Racing triathlon team, you have to mentor an athlete from lesser means

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